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About New Horizons and our volunteer program

Social organizations have always needed volunteers to help develop and assist their projects. Aware of this, a group of professionals included social workers, founded New Horizons Volunteer Program in January 1997. New Horizons Volunteer Program has judicial support from the foundation "Redes Solidarias" with legal agreement No. 2740.

What do we want?

• Contact volunteers, national and foreigners, who wish to help in our different projects.
• Channel the different donations (books, clothes, toys, medicine, etc.), according to the necessities of the organizations.
• Give support in technical training. In some social organizations we work with activities like: carpentry, ceramics, bakery, locksmith, music, etc.
• Manage the economic support to carry out the projects of the program and the foundation.
• Help in the commercialization of handicrafts in micro-enterprises.
• Organize meetings, lectures and conferences in topics like: Family planning, motivation and human resources.
• Promote cultural interplay.
• Participate in constructing and remodeling: cabins, nurseries, water tanks, green houses, etc.
• Help in the conservation of environment through reforestation and recycling.
• Contact people and organizations interested in helping with scholarships.

What is our job?

• We join the knowledge and experience of the volunteers with the needs of the organizations.
• Make a prior study of the organizations in which we work.
• Give the necessary instructions to ensure a successful work for the volunteer.
• Evaluate the work done by the volunteer in each organization.
• Coordinate the work between organizations and volunteers.

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